System Hanger, rather an awkward name for its function and appearance, is a new word of our own coining for this very singular product that Prince Hanger created over 35 years back and have developed into one of the most beloved living necessaries to the Korean households and offices. It had been sold only in domestic market with little exposure outside Korea until it happened to be picked up by a Japanese buyer a couple of years ago and proceeded its way to China and Taiwan through a long-term supply contract with RT Mart. Nevertheless, it still remains a new strange product to most people in the world.

Prince Hanger can be defined a DIY assembly, lightweight, economic substitute for conventional wardrobes, shelves or other storage units. You can simply assemble it by yourself with your bare hands. Just follow the assembling process in the manual and you will see it shape itself into a robust but fashionable structure just like you saw from our on or off line showrooms when you chose to order. It changes once idle space in your house, shop or office into a smart-looking and well organized storage unit that might not have been possible without a heavy and costly wardrobe or shelving system. With Prince Hanger, this becomes possible at a tenth cost with nothing but the parts out of a package shipped all the way to your door in such a light weight ranging from 3.5 to 15 kgs.

Do you need to get moved from time to time? Then Prince Hanger is a necessity to you. You can easily disassemble it without leaving any damaged trace on the floor or the ceiling and pack all the parts into a box or a plastic bag. Do you have a dressing room or a closet in the house or office? Prince Hanger will triple its storage capacity and help you organize the clothes and other articles in good order.